Condenser / Cooling Water Circuit Optimisation

Ovivo offers an array of equipment to solve problems of condenser and heat exchanger scaling and fouling. Two popular equipment are debris filters that remove suspended solids and our tube cleaning system that circulate rubber cleaning balls to remove scale and deposits. These systems limit the use of chemical. Equipment downtime tied to maintenance, operating costs and environmental footprints are also significantly reduced.

Automatic Backflushing Strainer

Automatic backflushing strainers are continuous filters that capture solids from process streams.

Automatic Debris Filter

Debris filters intercept and remove particles, fibrous matter and other solids not captured upstream, preventing them to enter heat exchangers or condensers.

Automatic Tube Cleaning System

Automatic Tube Cleaning Systems eliminate micro-fouling and scaling in heat exchanger and condenser increasing reliabilty, performance, plant output and life.