Condensate Polishing

From oil and particulate removal within industrial applications to high pressure, pure water systems for nuclear power generation, Ovivo has a range of solutions to suit any condensate polishing application. Our expertise and track-record in the power sector and our proprietary condensate polishing technologies are amongst the best in the world. On deep-bed condensate polishing systems, our technology allow for the operation of the vessels through the ammonia-breakthrough point.
CONESEP® Technology
The CONESEP® technology isolates and transfers ion exchange resins from the condensate polishing unit to external vessels for separation and regeneration.
MGR MOVEX™ Technology
With the MGR MOVEX™ system, exhausted ion exchange resins are moved into special vessels where a high degree of regeneration without contamination is possible.
Mixed Bed Internal Regeneration
Mixed bed polishing is a well understood ion-exchange based polishing technology and comprises a resin bed of cation and anion resins, intimately mixed.